Contractor’s Recovery




 General and Sub-Contractors are often faced with late or non-payment of progress billings and/or retention. Recording a mechanic’s lien will sometimes bring about payment or partial payment in many circumstances, but not always.  That’s where the staff at WilksLaw can enter the dispute. By commencing a lawsuit to enforce the lien on behalf of the aggrieved contractor the motivation to pay gets more intense on the delinquent property owner.

 With many years of experience and thousands of such Lawsuits filed and successfully prosecuted, the staff at WilksLaw knows the in’s and out’s of enforcing public works stop notices; private works bonded stop notices; private work mechanic’s liens & breach of contract claims.

 We offer paid when paid contingent fees commonly, 30% or less or reasonable hourly fees and, a blend of contingent & hourly fees for our contractor client’s to choose a fee arrangement that best suits their needs at the time of our engagement.

2011 changes to California’s Mechanic’s Lien Law have put additional burdens upon contractors, while giving added protections to property owners.

The changes primarily give added notice to property Owners about liens. The absence of the new notice will operate to invalidate mechanic’s lien rights. Should you have any questions about legal procedure when preparing a 20-day preliminary lien notice, a mechanic’s lien, a public works stop notice or a bonded private works stop notice or Miller Act Federal works projects, or notice to surety, please call us for a no-obligation discussion BEFORE you proceed while in doubt.


Oral & Unsigned Change & Extra Work orders are recoverable under California Law in most cases. Call us for no-obligation details should you have questions.   When in doubt, get every change and extra work order in writing, signed by you and your customer prior to commencing or completing the work.