Collections Commercial & Consumer

COMMERCAIL COLLECTION SERVICES – Our firm employs qualified and experienced demand and negotiate collector Paralegal staff. These services are available to clients on contingent fee rates set before case referral. Demand and negotiate collection services are used both prior to filing of lawsuit as well as after lawsuit. [Course of lawsuit demand & negotiate is directed to the Attorney for defendant]. Wilkslaw offers a two-step pay when paid contingent fee plan for these services. Lower rates apply during debtor phase demand & negotiate. Post-lawsuit, a rate increase occurs upon filing of the lawsuit. Rates for this plan usually are 20% pre-lawsuit; 30% post-lawsuit. At lawsuit, an advance court cost deposit is required.

Extraordinary PreJudgment Action: In some commercial\ situations (business to business) a Pre-Judgment writ of Attachment may be appropriate. This service is available on case by case evaluation and one time noncontingent fee.

CONSUMER COLLECTION SERVICES – Our firm has experience and expertise collecting with consumer credit card debt in close harmony with referring clients. Key to success for credit card recovery are debtors with jobs and or good work experience plus assets subject to levy.

Our collector/Paralegal staff is knowledgeable and trained in the particulars of both Federal and State Fair Debt Collection Practices Laws – and yes, we stay within the rules for the protection of our firm and yours.

Wilkslaw delivers online status reports that are clear and current that are updated each month-end to reflect progress.